Designing a Crochet Pattern in Block Form

At this point, it is assumed that you already have some knowledge in creating a crochet pattern. Perhaps, it is now high time for you to experiment on some forms and styles in making crochet patterns.Perhaps you have seen some attractive crocheted table runner designs, and would like to make one for yourself. Creating a crochet pattern in block form is one exciting way to put your skill in motion.

The first thing to do is to gather all the materials you need and place them in a location with your reach.

This would ensure accessibility to all materials needed while sitting down, and would lessen hassle in standing up and roaming around just to get what you needed. You will be needing your computer and printer here, as we will be using the block form in creating a crochet pattern. Place your grid paper in the paper holder of your printer.

Next, think of an image you want for your design. As there are a whole lot of crochet patterns available for you to explore, it would still be safe to start with a very simple pattern. From there, you can work your way up, trying more intricate designs, usually with a higher level of difficulty.

Various crochet pattern images are available online; you are free to use one. Save it on your computer. However, if the crochet pattern image that you want to use is not available online, you may use a scanner to capture the image, and save it on your computer.

Saving it with a filename which is easy to recognize can also save you some hassle. The same principle also goes to images drawn by hand. Some crochet pattern makers have incorporated their artistic ability with their crochet pattern making skill by using an image they have personally designed and drawn.

Using the print program in your computer, open the image saved and print it using the grid paper.

When the crochet pattern is now printed and ready to use, mark the areas where you want to see solid squares. This can be done by shading it using a marker, or even a pencil. The solid squares will then be your blocks, which will eventually serve as the foundation of the image.

Blank squares mean a void in the pattern. If you want to plot one, do so by leaving blank squares. White blocks for the crochet pattern should be blanked as well. Another tip when handling squares is that, it is safe not to use half squares. Use either fully filled, or void squares for your crochet pattern.

Identify the number of stitches which need to be completed, and count the rows and columns for the crochet pattern. Though it may not be perfectly done, but make sure to keep the rows and columns equal in size.Make sure to review your crochet pattern to avoid any errors in plotting. After finishing this basic design, you may eventually switch to other designs, may it be animals, flowers, etc. You may now begin your project

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